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About the Owner

Who is Dr. George?

In addition to running a busy practice, Dr. George has been lecturing internationally over the past 15 years on various topics in natural medicine.

He has had the privilege of appearing on numerous television programs like "The Today Show" and international radio talk shows.

Dr George is fortunate to be considered by some as a recognized expert in functional medicine and diagnostic procedures to assess nutrition status.

The clinical experience Dr George has and continues to gather, ranges from treating elite professional athletes to critically ill patients, and patients looking to get the most out of life.

He is also fortunate to provide wellness consulting both in person and virtually (Tele - Clinics) to individuals and some of the largest companies in North America.

Here are some insights on Weight Loss...

THE TOP 3 REASONS - Most Fail at Weight Loss

Establishing clear, challenging yet reasonable goals puts you in the driver’s seat. It causes you to get focused and become mindful when you steer off track. Goals give you the what so you can focus on the how.

Accurate information becomes a HUGE problem, as wrong info creates major frustration, overwhelm, confusion and loss of time and money.

Calorie counting, weighing of foods and boot camps are poor “tools” are non-sustainable and only create more problems.

In any healthy pursuits, weight loss and more important “fat loss” are key. “How the body burns fat” are again key, simple steps when followed will do just that.

This is why long-term weight loss can be near impossible if these steps are not followed…

You are in a community of like-minded goal driven people just like you who want more out of life and themselves. This is a secret group only available to Academy members.

Yes finally, a Weight Loss Program That Truly Does What It Says… Join now for as little as $1.

About This Site

"Inside Dr. George's Rapid Weight-Loss Program You Will Discover How to Eliminate Abdominal and Body Fat Forever"...

✓ Why Your Current Method May be a Waste of Time!

✓ How To Avoid Mistakes!

✓ How To Use Your Brain not Brawn to Lose Fat!

✓ The Most Common Reasons You Fail!

✓ What To Do Right Now If You Want to Lose The Fat!

And Much More!

If you are reading this page then there is a good chance that you want to lose weight and belly fat but have failed or you're not sure where to begin...  This may be the one thing you read about your weight loss that may change your life forever. I am about to reveal new and shocking information about weight loss that has little or nothing to do with working out...information so secretive and closely guarded...revealing this information may very well put me in hot water with the powers that be.

However, as a doctor, I have to put it all on the line...Lives are at stake!! Your life is at stake!! If I don’t speak up then who will?

What Rudy Has to Say:

"I am happy that this year is different from last year due to better health. I greatly appreciate the support I have received from family and friends. I also want to thank Dr. K. because prior to surgery I learned a lot of principles from him that I truly believe has made this whole journey a success. Much Love! Rudy

Now let's begin...  As I stumbled upon this information about how body fat has negative effects on your life, I asked myself for a long time whether I should bring it forth to the general public knowing that it may shake the very foundations of the healthcare establishment.  Knowing that I would constantly be under attack if this closely guarded information ever saw the light of day...

Though the term might sound dated, “middle­age spread” is a greater concern than ever.  As people go through their middle years, their proportion of fat to body weight tends to become imbalanced.

Read As Though Your Life Depends On It...

If you are one of 44.8 million Americans suffering from obesity (that’s 15% of the U.S. population. You are not alone. This is a terrible disease that has reached epidemic proportions with no end in sight.  Many overweight, later in this report I will refer to overweight as the more accurate term "Over Fat" maybe even you, lay awake at night wondering how much time they have until the effects of several diseases start to take their toll on their body and life.

What Amy Has To Say:

“I have happily been a following Dr. George Kosmides information and am down 48 65 now 95 lbs. I have never found information in the last 30 years to be so comprehensive. Thank you, doc for everything. 15 weeks and counting for me".

­ Amy Beddingfield Reaves

How You Can Get Your Weight, Reduced Body Fat and Shape That You want and Deserve Without:

Gut Busting Workouts ● Strict Diets ● Killer Boot Camps

You just don't need them And in a lot of cases, these workouts can be not only counterproductive but downright dangerous.


90 Day Challnge

Lean Body Academy FB Group

*"Happy One Year Anniversary to me!! So thankful to have found Dr Dr. George Kosmides and joining the Lean Body Academy!! 40 lbs gone, 3% BF gone!! Improved Labs!! Down 3 pant sizes and 2 shirt sizes. Feeling Fabulous!! LBA all the way!! TAKE YOUR PICTURES"!! 

*"This is approximately 42.lbs and 13% body fat lost! Have a great day and don't give up on yourself!!! Loves and hugs!!!!"  Lucretia

Here is just one example of Dr. George's weekly whiteboards that help to remove myths on health and weight loss... 


Here are 3 Weight Gain and Belly Fat Misconceptions:

1. Being Obese and/or having High Body Fat is Genetic

Could you have been born with a genetic fate? Well, it's just not true in most cases...! This is just one factor. Your genetic predisposition or your “genotype” is just one factor in your future health profile it is not the only one. You can certainly have the genetic potential to develop high body fat, but other factors such as lifestyle choices, diet, the ability to handle stress, your emotional stability will determine whether or not you express that genetic potential. This mis­understanding of the role of genetics has led to a “give up attitude” “You’re mother and father were heavy or have high body fat so it’s no surprise that you now have it.” This point of view is extremely dangerous because it limits your possibilities and healing.

2. You've Been Heavy For Years So This Process is Irreversible

It’s a death sentence of sorts...There is nothing that can be done short of managing the symptoms and complications being overweight. The people who believe this to be irreversible have given up on you...They have forgotten the innate wisdom of the body...That the body can and does heal itself if given the right tools and circumstances. Instead of fostering the body’s healing potential, we rely exclusively on expensive and Dangerous Drugs, diet pills extreme dieting or exercise... Not to mention all the high blood pressure and cholesterol lowering drugs – And, when those all fail the body is bombarded with increasing levels of Hormones...A recipe for disaster.

3. Exercise Prescription Drugs or Surgery is The Cure-All For Belly Fat and Obesity

If that were the case with all these being in place for years and over the last decade the focus on exercise, weight, and body fat issues are on the rise at epidemic levels. With all the money spent on drug “research” and drug therapy, you would think you would be completely resolved your weight issue. One of the things that angers me, and maybe you have had the same experience, is when doctors give a diagnosis of obesity, write a prescription, and or tell you to learn to push yourself away from the table, stop being lazy and lose weight and they are gone in a flash – onto the next patient.

$1 for seven days

*"So while looking for more pillowcases I came across my old pants. Again, thank you George Kosmides and Lean Body Academy. November 2, 2015". 


*"7 months in Lean Body Academy. 29 lbs GONE. 2.3% Body Fat GONE. 9 inches off hips. 4 inches off waist!! There is No Exercise! Have I been perfect?? NO. Have I been consistent? YOU BET!! Thank you, Dr. George Kosmides for the knowledge!!" 

 Chris L.


*" Dr. K, I would like to thank you for all the knowledge you are willing to share to make this journey a success.  I started my journey on 8/04/15 and am glad to say I am 9 lbs from reaching the 100 lbs released mark and not stopping there.  I came across your periscope back in June and have learned principles to release lbs that really is a no-brainer. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Got your book and it was very helpful information. Thx!"  Rudy J.

*"NONE of this would be possible without you. NONE. I tried and tried and tried.... YOU, Dr. George Kosmides, made this possible for a 65-year-old grandma/great grandma who had given up and resigned herself to dying FAT and unhealthy. Thank you! Dr. George."

Mary W. 

Gain Access Now!

For the first seven days the cost is $1. If you choose to stay a member a monthly $37.00 fee applies. No obligation. You can cancel at any time.

*FOR A LIMITED TIME! 12-month access, save over 30% on monthly membership. 

*"My pants have been feeling better but I didn't realize the difference. I felt like I was at a standstill. But it's very true when Doctor George says let the eyes be your truth. I'm seeing vast improvements all the time!"

Lean Body Academy

For the first seven days the cost is $1. If you choose to stay a member a monthly $37.00 fee applies. No obligation. You can cancel at any time.

*FOR A LIMITED TIME! 12-month access, save 30% over monthly membership. 

*"After being in fitness for years I found Dr. George.  Working with George I was able to get my body fat down from 12% down to 7% while working out less and able to go from local to national level, competing with women half my age. thanks, Doc."Erica S.

For the first seven days the cost is $1. If you choose to stay a member a monthly $37.00 fee applies. No obligation. You can cancel at any time.

*"Looking to get leaner I began to follow Dr. G's advice. Beginning at 28% body fat and now 12 weeks later I am at 21% body fat and my goal is 15% body fat."Dr. Amanda S.

*"I'm down 12 pounds and 4% body fat."  Joanne P. of "Rice and Spam" 

For the first seven days the cost is $1. If you choose to stay a member a monthly $37.00 fee applies. No obligation. You can cancel at any time.

Here is what the members learning portal looks like...

For the first seven days the cost is $1. If you choose to stay a member a monthly $37.00 fee applies. No obligation. You can cancel at any time.


For the first seven days the cost is $1.  If you choose to stay a member a monthly $37.00 fee applies. No obligation. You can cancel at any time.


* "Woke this morning and can see my ankles and it's nice to see them again, it's been awhile. I am not new to weight loss programs. I think I've tried them all. My top weight was 450 pounds and the lowest was 160 pounds as an adult. The latest attempt was the Paleo diet 3 years ago. Started at 328 and got down to 248 in 2 years but then it all stopped…(again)…and for a year I have bounced around in my weight. Then I met Dr. George through Periscope. I have learned a lot and It’s all making sense. It’s never too late to learn. Thank you, Doc."


Cathy G.

* "When I first came to see Dr. Kosmides I had dizzy spells, trouble sleeping, and trouble going to the bathroom.  I met with Dr. Kosmides for a free consultation and he really listened to me and my concerns. In my first 3-months, my average blood sugar is now around 130 mg/dl a far cry from over 800.I have lost over 23 pounds and am able to function at a higher rate and be more productive. Most of all it was an easy program for both me and my family.  I tell the doc I could not have done this without you, Dr. Kosmides always replies I could not do any of this work without you following my instructions, I am so glad I am doing this, It has been a life-changing experience." 

Aaron I.

* "I went to see Dr. Kosmides for my health and my weight initially.   My goal was to get healthier so the drugs I was taking over time became unnecessary. All the while communicating to the doctor who prescribed them so we were both on the same page. I was taking “Clonazepam” to help with my anxiety. I am pleased to say after 2 months of care by Dr. George I was able to reduce then eliminate the anti-anxiety drug. It was also making it difficult for me to focus and think clearly. I've lost weight and feel better overall. I believe I won't need the blood pressure meds if I continue to improve allowing my test results to show my improvement. By doing the simple things that I know now will help me."

Charmaine K.

* "I began the program with Dr. Kosmides and in the three months from beginning the program my laboratory results have continued to improve. I feel stronger and have even lost weight. In most areas, my laboratory results have moved to normal in the areas that were extremely over normal are becoming near ­normal. A truly amazing feat... My primary doctor after seeing these results was amazed, to say the least. For other people with chronic health issues like I had Dr. Kosmides has been a godsend. I urge them to go for a consultation as I did. They now offer virtual consultations. My goal is to have good health and a better quality of life. What I liked most about Dr. Kosmides and the office staff is that they listened to me and understood my health goals. 

Gilbert C.

" This doctor has helped me more than any doctor or specialist I have ever seen.  I had horrible stomach issues:           *Bloating, needle-like pain, nausea, and vomiting. My co-workers nagged at me to see him when I wasn’t homesick. Finally, I found myself sitting in his office extremely frustrated and crying.  He has changed my life.  After Dr. George moved his practice to Hawaii and I found he offered Tele clinic or phone sessions practice, I sought him out.  I am now doing the 3-month program by phone with Dr. George and what a difference in just 3 weeks. I had been having horrible PMS and was homesick every time I had my period.  I am starting to feel more energy. I am starting to feel like myself again. Christmas is at the end of next month. Instead of being nervous about my symptoms, I am excited to be healthy with my family."

'Laura P. 

* "I originally started working with Dr. George for weight loss. I lost 15 pounds in just a few weeks and I also feel great. Dr. George, the office staff with the e‐mail and website support has helped me to discover how to better take care of myself and my family. I was also able to lower my cholesterol 40 points and my the other blood work looks really good. My primary tells me to continue what I am doing. Amazingly, after not having a cycle I started that again. I must say I feel more emotionally balanced and just more comfortable as a female. I realize now that I was too young for menopause and my body was just unable to have a cycle based on my past conditions."

Pinner P.

For the first seven days the cost is $1. If you choose to stay a member a monthly $37.00 fee applies.No obligation. You can cancel at any time.

* "The ease of use of the program in my life along with Dr. George's insights and with the uncanny ability to communicate solutions in plain language is just what the doctor ordered. I recommend Dr. George and the Lean Body Program with complete confidence."


Steven G.

For the first seven days the cost is $1. If you choose to stay a member a monthly $37.00 fee applies. No obligation. You can cancel at any time.

*Disclaimer Results May Vary: Causes for being overweight or obese vary from person to person.


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